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The credit union was founded in 1970 by 12 employees of the Amoco Chemical Company at Chocolate Bayou. These employees were: Jim Dover, B. C. Milligan, Ronald Moss, R. C. Henderson, J. M. Williams, Ken Hockin, Herbert Tyer, Louis Link, Dean Kahn, R. R. Rodriguez, E. R. Beall, and Patricia Webb. Since there were no office accommodations, business was conducted out of a paper sack. As business picked up, the credit union outgrew the “sack” and graduated to a “briefcase.” By the end of the first year, the membership had reached a total of 115 accounts.

Dolly Williams was hired as the first regular employee of the credit union in 1975 and she operated the credit union out of a supply room in the accounting department at the administration building at Amoco Chemical Company. In 1976, Amoco Chemical Co. provided the credit union with a 10 x 50 trailer and this temporary trailer housed the credit union for ten years.

The credit union got a new online computer system in 1982 and shortly thereafter began offering cashier’s checks and open-end signature loans. The credit union bought a double-wide mobile office building in 1986 and Amoco Chemical Company provided a space on the parking lot for it. A MasterCard was introduced to the membership in 1986. At the end of 1988, the credit union had $4,512,961 in assets and four full time employees.

Share draft accounts were introduced in 1990. Members increased to 1,520 and assets grew to $7,297,900 by the end of that year. Dolly Williams retired in 1993 and Retha Snelson was promoted to fill her position as President/CEO. ATM Cards were added in 1993. The credit union implemented its first ever website in 1999.

In 2000, the credit union achieved an important milestone, opening a new brick building across the parking lot from where the trailer was. In 2001, the credit union changed its name to BP Employees Credit Union after Amoco Chemical Company sold the plant to British Petroleum (BP). In 2003, the credit union applied for and was granted a community charter making it possible for anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Brazoria County to be a member of the credit union. Also that year, internet banking, an online bill payment service, and Visa debit cards were rolled out to the membership. Retha Snelson retired in 2004 and Bobby Mathews was hired as the third President/CEO in the credit union’s history. The credit union changed its name to Brazos Community Credit Union in 2005 and adopted a new logo with new colors of burnt orange and navy blue. As of the end of October 2006, the credit union had 2,338 members, $15,527,228.10 in total assets, and 8 full-time employees.

For more information about BCCU or to find out how you can join, please call 281-581-3269 , visit our branch office.

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