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There is no minimum balance requirement for this account. Dividends are announced, compounded, and paid quarterly. BCCU provides investment in a share account or a certificate of deposit (CD) for your IRA funds. Check out our deposit rates for the latest IRA rates.

There are a wide variety of IRA accounts including:

Traditional IRAs

The traditional IRA, available since 1975, offers tax-deferred earnings. In addition, the traditional IRA has the possibility of tax-deductible contributions. There are age requirements for making traditional IRA contributions.


The Roth IRA, first available in 1998, offers tax-free distribution of earnings if the account is open for five tax years and withdrawn for a qualified reason. While there are no age requirements for making Roth IRA contributions, persons must fall below certain income limits in order to be eligible to contribute. Contributions are not tax deductible.

Educational IRAs

The Education IRA (Coverdell Education Savings Account) was introduced in 1998 and is a special type of savings plan established for the sole purpose of helping you pay for the higher-education costs of the designated child on the account. Your contributions are not tax-deductible. However, the earnings will be tax-free upon withdrawal if used to pay for qualified educational expenses before the child's 30th birthday.


For more information about BCCU or to find out how you can join, please call 281-581-3269 , visit our branch office.

Today's Best Rates
  New/Used Auto


  New/Used Boat
  Unsecured 9.24% Apply
  Money Transfer CD-6 months 1.00%  
  CD-6 months   0.70%

  CD-1 year 0.90%  
  CD-2 years 1.30%  
  CD-3 years 1.60%  
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